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Your brand must root itself in a top quality raw material base. This is why we only use raw materials from facilities which operate to ISO9000/2001 standards. In a promise to maintain the integrity of your products, the raw materials used will be of the very highest and finest grade. 

Whichever dosage form you choose (capsule, tablet, powder or liquid), Coastal Health understands that presentation and quality are vital for your success.


Coastal Health ensures capsules from batch to batch are reliable in appearance and quality. We understand the critical importance of your customers wanting to feel confident to consume your products. Let's not forget about our soft gelatin capsules. We confidently supply soft gels from carefully audited facilities, internationally.


When working with natural ingredients, challenges in production can sometimes occur. Specifications to meet friability, disintegration, hardness and potency are scrupulously followed. Coastal Health will perform as much R&D required  in order to supply the highest quality tablets available. 


In many cases, consumers demand powders that taste great. Coastal Health ensures the blends not only taste great but also carefully follow the technical information listed on the container.

Packaging / Labelling

We take packaging very seriously. We understand that packaging is one of the major keys to your success. Due to all the packaging/label options, you need flexibility, options, advice--Coastal Health will thoroughly deliver this service.

Typically, on bespoke formulations, the lead time is 6-8 weeks, depending on the availability of raw materials. During this time, we proactively give our customers production updates. 

Here is the simple process to get your products launched for success:

  • Concepts discussed-NPD
  • Regulatory and label discussions
  • Raw material delivery and weigh up
  • Tablet/Capsule production
  • Finished tablets/capsules ready for delivery
  • Finished tablets/capsules packed in labeled bottles